Volunteers Wanted

Urban Rec is looking for you!

We are presently looking for volunteer Event Coordinators for our upcoming leagues. Sports include outdoor soccer, floor hockey, basketball, indoor soccer, multisport, flag football and indoor volleyball.

Event Coordinators get to be a special part of our Urban Rec team, and are influential and integral in helping to make our leagues better!

There is a large selection of locations/nights of league play to choose from. Please contact League Manager Jason Margolus at jason@urbanrec.ca for more details!

ECs roles are compensated with an honorarium and come with some great perks!

What do ECs do?

Event Coordinators' roles and responsibilities are to supervise and monitor play in our leagues and tournaments. Our Event Coordinators facilitate a positive and social atmosphere in all of our activities. EC's must be outgoing, social and energetic. They must also provide their own transportation to and from venues.

EC's volunteer one night per week per season (although some EC's volunteer 2 or more nights). For every night that they EC, they receive a free night of play in one of our other leagues! They also receive an honorarium which is based on the amount of teams in the league that they volunteer at (with the exception of volleyball ECs).

We encourage our participants to EC the same sport for which they play, or a sport they are very familiar with. EC’s may not play on the same night which they volunteer on (except for our volleyball ECs, who almost all play on the same night that they EC).

Each league is night-specific; for example, this means that you would volunteer 3-4 hours each Monday for a Monday league for the duration of the league. Most leagues run 10-12 weeks depending on the league.


  • setting up equipment as needed
  • organizing teams and starting matches on time
  • ensuring schedules, stats and scores are recorded each night
  • be an ambassador for Urban Rec at your venue
  • make announcements about upcoming events before the start of each session
  • interact with participants and ensuring that they are having a great experience!


  • be influential in league decisions, and help create a better experience for participants
  • one free night of league play for every night of event coordinating (concurrent season)
  • honorarium (all leagues except volleyball)
  • free official Urban Rec apparel and sponsor swag
  • priority registration for your team,
  • free or reduced entry to most Urban Rec events,
  • EC-only social events & sponsor goodies,
  • meet 1000's of fun, social, active people!

Open Positions (Current)

Sunday – Thursday

 We are currently looking for ECs for both our current season as well as our spring season beginning in late March/early April.
Leagues run between 7-12 weeks.
Please e-mail jason@urbanrec.ca with your resume, availability and sport/league of interest and if there is nothing that currently fits we can always keep your information on file for future opportunities.

Outdoor Soccer:
Empire Field  –  Now – 8pm-10:30pm
Trillium Field –  April 2nd - 3pm-10:30pm (2 positions)
Surrey – May 1st – 9pm – 11pm
Andy Livingstone Field – April 23rd – 4:00-10:30pm (2 positions)

Flag Football
General Brock Field - Now– 12:30pm – 5pm

UBC – April 30th – 530pm – 9pm

Beach Volleyball
Urban Beach- April 9th- 5:30pm-8:30pm

Outdoor Soccer
Empire Field- begin April 3rd- 9pm-11pm (2 positions)
UBC - March 27th - 6pm - 1030pm

UBC – May 1st – 515pm – 1030pm

Beach Volleyball
Urban Beach- begin April 10th- 5:30pm-8:30pm

Outdoor Soccer:
Empire Field  – Now - 9pm-11pm
Empire Field  – Now – 8pm – 11pm
ALF – April 25th – 7pm -11pm
UBC - March 22nd - 6pm - 1030pm

Floor Hockey:
Begbie School - Now - 6pm-8pm

UBC – May 2nd – 515pm – 9pm

Wolfe – Now – 8pm-10pm

Beach Volleyball
Urban Beach- begin April 11th- 5:30pm-8:30pm
Jericho Beach- begin April 11th- 5:30pm-8:30pm

UBC – May 3rd – 515pm – 1030pm

Outdoor Soccer:
Empire Field  – Now - 9pm-11pm
UBC - March 23rd - 6pm - 1030pm

Beach Volleyball
Urban Beach- begin April 12th- 5:30pm-8:30pm
Jericho Beach- begin April 12th- 5:30pm-8:30pm

Outdoor Soccer
UBC - March 23rd - 6pm - 1030pm

Flag Football
General Brock Field- begin March 23rd – 5:30pm – 8:30pm

UBC – May 11th – 515pm – 1030pm

Beach Volleyball
Urban Beach- begin April 13th- 5:30pm-8:30pm

More specifics on times and locations will be added soon. if you don’t see it listed here please still send us an email expressing interest. Positions that are open may not always be listed.

Email (jason@urbanrec.ca) to inquire about open positions or with questions. You can also fill out the short survey below to give us an idea of what you are interested in.

Please also send along your availability, interest in sports, and familiarity with Urban Rec. Urban Rec runs coed leagues from Sunday to Thursday throughout Vancouver, the Richmond Oval, Surrey, and Fortius in Burnaby. Leagues are in the evening with start times of 6pm or later on weeknights and as early as 4:00pm on Sundays.

For more details about specific leagues or to apply, please contact Jason Margolus - jason@urbanrec.ca or 604-879-9800 ext. 3