Richmond Oval Tuesday - FH

Coed 5-on-5 Floor Hockey at the Richmond Olympic Oval.

This fun, social league plays 1-hour games between 9:00pm & 11:00pm each Tuesday night and is open to all skill levels. Early and late times will be scheduled as evenly as possible amongst all the teams. Urban Rec provides the sticks for all players. Teams  are responsible for providing their own goalie equipment (if individual registration is available, then goalie equipment will be provided for individuals’ teams). This is a self-officiated league and sportsmanship is stressed at all times.

Teams will play 12 games over the course of the season including playoffs.

As it is a coed league, teams must have at least 2 of each gender on the floor at all times.

Team Registration Cost is $1170.00 (Tax Included).
Individual Registration Cost is $150.00 (Tax Included).

This league starts on February 9, 2021 and ends on April 27, 2021.

Skill Level: All Skill Levels

Gender: Coed

Day of the Week:

12 weeks

Start Date: 09 Feb 2021

Game Times:
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM (Tuesday)

Team Fee: $1,170.00 (Tax incl.)


Richmond Olympic Oval
6111 River Rd
Vancouver, British Columbia V7C 0A2