What if I cannot make all the classes in a session?

No problem!  You can show up for the classes that you can make on a drop-in basis.  The drop-in cost is $25 (cash only) payable at the beach when you show up.

I don’t know what my skill level is.  What level do I register at?

Choose the skill level that is closest to your own best guess.  When you show up for the first night, you can switch to a different group if you find the drills too difficult or too easy.  You can even change groups from week-to-week if you want (and your skill level is appropriate).

I’ve never played before!  Can I participate in Train & Play?

Absolutely!  This program was designed for everyone from the complete novice looking to learn the basic skills to the more experienced player looking to refine parts of their game.  Generally, our recreational pool of participants in Train & Play is by far the largest group.

How many participants are there per coach?

We try to have a participant-to-coach ratio of about 8:1-10:1.  This can fluctuate on how many drop-in participants show up.  The coaches do their best to give everyone some personalized instruction in addition to group instruction during the 2-hour session.

Is there a social part of Train & Play?

There’s not much better than a refreshing beverage after you’ve been practicing beach volleyball for a couple of hours!  Coaches and participants head to one of our clubhouse partners- usually the Dubh Linn Gate on Main Street- for some cold drinks and food afterwards.  Show your Urban Rec keytag and get 20% off regularly-priced food!

Will I find a team to play on at Train & Play?

We don’t officially form teams for leagues from our Train & Play program, but often people who meet at Train & Play will decide to form a team on their own and participate in one of our tournaments or leagues (we offer divisions for all skill levels in both) during the course of the summer.

Have any other questions?  Please send us a message at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you!