Looking for a player?

Note that due to COVID-19 pandemic protocols, the Urban Rec Players Needed facebook page has been archived for the time being.  Once protocols permit us to reopen the page, we will.
If you are a team captain looking for subs, or a player looking to catch on with a team, please click the button below to be taken to our Facebook Players Needed Group to post a message or read through other posts from teams and players. 

UR Players Needed Facebook Group Page

Note that all subs must:

1- have a valid Urban Rec profile.  It’s easy and free- just click on CREATE PROFILE at the top of the page!

2- indicate that they have read the online waiver for the current calendar year. Not sure if you’ve done this?  Simply log-in to www.urbanrec.ca and you will be automatically prompted to do so if you have not already.  If you are creating a profile for the first time, then you will be prompted to do this as well.