UR Curling Rules

Curl Canada Rules & Marpole Curling Club Rules apply with the following exceptions:

Curl Canada rules can be found at http://www.curling.ca/start-curling/rules-of-curling-for-general-play/

  1. Urban Rec Curling league will consist of games lasting 2 hours in length each week.
  2. A warning bell will go off with 25 minutes remaining in the time block; curlers must finish their game within the 25 minutes remaining.
  3. If a game is unable to finish in the final 25 minutes of the time slot, then the score will revert back to the previously completed end.
  4. The Urban Rec League is to be regulated as an Open League which means there are no restrictions in how the teams should be constructed in terms of gender.
  5. Teams should have a minimum of 3 players in order to avoid defaulting.  Teams that default will be subject to the Urban Rec Default Policy.
  6. Teams can use a maximum of 6 players per game; teams may swap out players at the end of each end; however only 4 members of the team may be on the ice for each end.
  7. Sliders are provided by the rink.
  8. Players are to provide their own brooms (brooms can be rented for $1.00 each week at the rink).
  9. To determine which team gets the hammer it will be decided by a coin flip to start the game. Winner of the coin flip will make the choice; losing team will get to choose rock colour.
  10. Team skips are responsible for placing carpets over the hacks to ensure that rocks do not hit them.
  11. Team skips or vice skips are responsible for ensuring that rocks do no hit the hack as they can pop out of ice if done so.
  12. As Urban Rec is a renter of the facility it is up to the players to ensure there is no damage incurred on their sheet while they are playing.
  13. Any costs incurred due to damage due to play while Urban Rec is curling will be passed along to the participant teams involved.
  14. No player at any time shall pick up the rocks.
  15. No player at any time shall stand on the rocks and ride them down the ice.
  16. Any disputes on which rock is closer should be measured with the micrometer hanging on the posts in the centre of the curling rink.
  17. Any other disputes should be discussed amongst team captains and/or the event coordinator for the league.
  18. Scores must be reported after each game; scores not reported will result in a loss being recorded for both teams.
  19. Playoffs- if a match is tied at the end of regulation, then one player from each team will throw a single rock (one sweeper permitted); the team that has the rock closest to the button will win the match.  (I.E. the player from Team A will shoot, then the player from team B will shoot.  If Team B’s shot appears to be on a collision course with the rock from Team  A, then Team A’s rock will be moved out of the way and replaced after Team B’s rock goes by- no takeout shots permitted).  *NOTE- in order for either shot to win, the rock must be touching at least part of the house (the rings).  If neither team’s shot ends up touching the house, then each team will shoot once more.  The same shooter can repeat for each team if desired.