Urban Rec is proud to present the Urban Rec Curling Bonspielalooza Series with 4 events this fall and winter.  All bonspiels will feature lots of curling, great prizes and most of all fun times!

Canada's other winter sport - these bonspiels are fun social events with no experience required- they are very beginner-friendly!  Coed teams of 4 take to the sheet to see who can hit the button.  These bonspiels always sell out – so register early or you will miss out!  Bonspiels are from 4pm-11pm(ish) on select Saturdays throughout the season.

NOTE- due to fewer available dates this season, we will be running fewer bonspiels this year- likely only one before Christmas and one after- so don’t miss out!

Thank you to everyone who has joined us at one of our bonspiels! When pandemic restrictions are lifted permitting bonspiels, we look forward to hosting you again!