Richmond Oval Tuesday Outdoor Soccer

Welcome to our Coed 6-on-6 (5 plus a goalie) outdoor coed soccer league on the BRAND-NEW outdoor artificial turf fields at the Richmond Olympic Oval.

This fun, social league plays 1-hour games between 7:00pm & 11:00pm each week on Tuesday  night and is open to both recreational and intermediate skill levels. .

This is a self-officiated league and sportsmanship is stressed at all times. A full starting lineup includes at least 2 women and 1 man on the field at all times (non-goalie players). 
This league will NOT play with an offside rule in place.

Registration Cost:
Team Registration: $925.00 (Tax Included)
Individual Registration: $145.00 (Tax Included)- see our Individual FAQ section for more details.

Start date: September 26, 2023
End date: December 5, 2023
Number of games: 11 games (including playoffs)

*Note that if games are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, doubleheaders may be scheduled and/or the league end date may be extended in order to make up any missed games.

Skill Level: Recreational, Intermediate

Gender: Coed

Day of the Week:

11 weeks

Start Date: 26 Sep 2023

Game Times:
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM (Tuesday)

Team Fee: $925.00 (Tax incl.)


Richmond Olympic Oval
6111 River Rd
Vancouver, British Columbia V7C 0A2