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Season Dates

Jericho Beach, Empire Beach:
      - season 3- week of July 17th  until week of August 28th 

Urban Beach (weekday)
      - season 3- week of July 31st  until week of September 11th (except Tuesdays- July 18th-August 29th; Thursdays- Aug. 3rd-Sept. 14th)

*NOTE- start dates for certain nights may be delayed due to nights that were cancelled during season 1.

Urban Beach (Sundays):
      – season 2- June 25th  until August 27th

Surrey Athletic Park Beach
      – season 1- week of May 28th  until week of August 13th

As beach volleyball is an outdoor sport and it has been known to rain occasionally in Vancouver, we have to let you know that ALL OF OUR BEACH LEAGUES WILL RUN RAIN OR SHINE - Only in EXCEPTIONAL weather circumstances will leagues be cancelled. On extreme weather days, please call our weather hotline at 604-878-RAIN (7246). The line will be updated at 4:30pm.

Unfortunately, due to their accelerated construction schedule, the River District and UBC Wesbrook locations are not available for play this spring season.  If the status of either location changes later this summer to allow leagues to play, we will update this page.

Beach Volleyball Information
Urban Rec is Vancouver's premier provider of coed beach volleyball 4's & 6's.  With locations at Urban Beach and Jericho Beach, we offer over 50 courts of beach volleyball action each night for your playing pleasure.  New for 2017- coed 4’s leagues at Empire Field beach volleyball courts- RECREATIONAL TEAMS ONLY.

Urban Rec operates outdoor volleyball starting in mid-April and finishing up in early September.  Seasons are 7-10 weeks in length (depending on location and night of play) including playoffs.  The first night of play each season is a seeding night to help determine which pool a team will be initially placed in, although additional re-seeding is done during the season as warranted by Urban Rec.

All teams that register with Urban Rec will have the opportunity to priority re-register their team for the following season.  Priority re-registration will occur in the scheduled fourth week of play for each season (there are either 2 or 3 seasons in a spring/summer depending on the location and night of play).

*Note- Monday leagues WILL play on holiday Mondays*

Questions? Click our Beach Volleyball FAQs below to find your answers.

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Individual Player FAQs
Individual Teams Policy

Not sure what skill level to register your team at? Click Skill Level Descriptions to see a description of what the different skill levels are like in Urban Rec!

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For more information, please contact us at or 604-879-9800.