Spring 2021 Season – NOW OPEN

Spring Registration General Information (Update March 9, 2021)

While adult sports leagues are not permitted currently under restrictions from the provincial health authorities, we are optimistic that these restrictions will be eased in the coming months to allow the resumption of adult sports and we are planning accordingly!

Once guidelines and protocols for a return to play have been determined by the provincial bodies responsible for doing so, we will update this page accordingly and communicate them to all registered teams.  Note that any modifications dictated by the policies and guidelines of applicable authorities will supercede any related rules that are currently in place.  

We realize that there is uncertainty regarding the exact details around when leagues will start as well as whether they will be subject to modifications around play (and what those possible modifications may be).  As we receive more information from the relevant authorities, we will be able to finalize these details. We will be offering registration soon for teams that are looking to secure their spot hoping to play some soccer this spring whether it is subject to modifications or not.  Many teams that played with us last year under the modified rules that were in place at that time have expressed their enthusiasm to return to play in any form that we can offer. If your team would like to wait until all of the details around the leagues are finalized before making the decision whether or not to register, we completely understand, and if we can’t fit you in to start this season, we will look forward to having you join us in the next one!

Similar to last summer when play was permitted to resume, there is the possibility that modifications to soccer rules may be mandated as a result of protocols from provincial authorities in order to play at all. However, we don’t know what these will be until the applicable governing bodies determine them.  At this time, we are planning on running leagues (should play be permitted this spring/summer) with the following modifications in place initially:

- Teams placed in cohorts (i.e. fewer opposing teams to interact with)

- Each team being permitted to bring a maximum of 12 players to each game

- No spectators or coaches permitted

- All leagues will play without the offside rule in place

- Kick-ins instead of throw-ins

Additionally, sanitization procedures introduced last summer to adhere to provincial guidelines will continue to be followed.

Should any of the above restrictions not be deemed necessary once the provincial bodies determine what restrictions will be for the upcoming season, we will of course lift them where permitted.  Conversely, the list above is not exhaustive- should the applicable authorities decide that additional restrictions are necessary in order to play this year, then additional modifications will be added to accommodate play.

Teams who register will be subject to the normal Urban Rec Withdrawal Policy. If your team does not want to play until we know exactly what modifications may be in place, then we recommend  that you wait until any such modifications are finalized  before registering.  As stated above, we presently do not know what, if any, modifications will be required once the go-ahead is given as part of Return-to-Play protocols, but we will update this page as soon as we are informed.

If the league is unable to run at all this spring/summer, then any teams that registered will be refunded in full once the league is cancelled.  If the league start date is delayed but the league is able to start within 90 days of the original start date, then the league will run and any teams that wish to withdraw can do so as per our Withdrawal Policy.

Click here to see Urban Rec policies.

Urban Rec Coed Outdoor Soccer- play the world's game!  Urban Rec is proud to offer coed 7-a-side soccer at UBC, Downtown, East Vancouver, South Vancouver, West Side Vancouver, Surrey and Burnaby.  These fun, social leagues play on state-of-the-art field turf fields and run in the evenings from Sunday through Thursday.  Teams must have at least 2 of each gender on the field at all times. Please note: all games are played on fields that are half the size of full-length soccer pitches.

When playing in Urban Rec Coed Outdoor Soccer, you will play one game on the same night each week - you just have to pick the night you want to play. Each game has two 25-minute halves. Teams must be able to play in any of the time slots as the schedule will vary from week to week.

Each league is night-specific (meaning that if you register for Mondays, you play each Monday).

- upcoming league information will be posted below as bookings are finalized (additional leagues may be posted closer to the registration date)
- not all leagues may be offered in each season due to facility unavailability
- not all leagues may offer individual registration

For a listing of current/upcoming leagues, please scroll down to the bottom of the page- click on the + sign for more info about each league, including when registration opens.  Note- individual registration will start the day after open registration begins (usually this means the Tuesday after registration begins).  Individual registration is not offered for every league.

Don’t see the league you were looking for?  This means that the league is either SOLD OUT (and hidden), or is not offered this season.

Uniform Policy for Soccer- in effect for all outdoor soccer leagues! (see our Policies page for details)

**We have a great place for you to get your uniforms done – URSTORE.

  Please note the following:

  1. Yes, we noticed the name could be perceived as part of Urban Recreation but no, we don’t have any stake in the company.
  2. However, we do like their products and collaborated to create some competively priced offerings for our soccer leagues.
  3. You don’t have to use them- but you do need to adhere to the policy.

Click on this link to see their packages, find out about the costs and to get more info.


Not sure what skill level to register your team at? Click Skill Level Descriptions to see a description of what the different skill levels are like in Urban Rec!

Click here to see Urban Rec policies.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or 604-879-9800.