Individuals' Teams Policy

Are you new to Vancouver, or maybe you are just looking to meet some new people in a fun active social setting?

Urban Rec offers individual registration in most of our leagues (provided there is space) during each season. When you are just starting out, it can be tough to get the hang of things, so Urban Rec will act as your conduit to a great experience!
All you have to do is sign up on-line as an individual and we will be in touch to get you set up on a team with other individuals such as yourself. Most of our Individual teams end up developing their own identities and become part of the Urban Rec family. It is a great way to meet some people, have some fun and get active. League sports (all leagues are coed) that have individual registration may include (depending on what is offered):

  • Summer-beach volleyball (coed 4’s and 6’s), soccer (7-on-7), softball(slo-pitch), flag football
  • Winter- floor hockey, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, curling, multi-sport, flag football

Urban Rec will do the following to facilitate the formation of independent teams. Think of it as our promise to you!

  • We will provide the space in selected leagues for individual participants to register- as our leagues are all coed, teams are required to have a minimum number of players registered in order to consider that team to be viable for an entire season (Note that this is different than the minimum required to field a lineup to play as we know that during the course of the season, there may be weeks where participants are unable to play for a variety of reasons, so teams need to have extra players in order to be able to field a lineup each week without being short of players hopefully). Once an individuals’ team has the minimum number of players registered to be considered viable, then the team will be entered into the league. For example, teams will be formed with the following minimum number of registrations:
  • Volleyball (indoor & beach 6’s)– 7 people
  • Volleyball (beach 4’s)- 5 people
  • Softball/Ultimate–12 people
  • Basketball/Flag Football/Floor Hockey/Indoor Soccer (6-on-6)/Multi-sport/OutdoorSoccer-8 people
  • Curling-4 people
  • Dodgeball/Indoor Soccer (4-on-4)- 6 people

Once you are registered, you will be able to contact your new teammates when you sign-in to the Urban Rec website. Provided that your team has a minimum of each gender as well as overall players registered to make the team viable, your team will be entered into the league (if not, then you will receive a full refund). At the first night of play, y our team should select a team captain. It will be this person’s responsibility to assist in the organization of the team–now don’t panic– all you will be required to do is send an e-mail out ensuring that everyone knows when you are playing, what your team name is, what time to show up, and to enter your team’s game score online.

After that your team will operate as a regular team in our leagues and of course you can contact us with any questions or concerns that you have and we would be please to help!

Frequently asked Questions:
Q: How come you have extra people on the team?

  • Our experience tells us that not everyone can make it everyday and this allows for people to take a day off if they want. Also, for most sports, such as soccer, subs are required due to the high tempo of play.

Q. What if the skill level is too high or low?

  • We will do everything that we can to make your experience an enjoyable one– individuals’ teams by their very nature are generally comprised of participants that play at a more recreational level- for this reason, all of our individuals’ teams are placed in the most recreational division available to start the season, but may be reseeded based on performance as the season progresses.

Q. How late can I join a team?

  • We want to ensure that all of our participants have a great time when playing in our leagues. In order to help facilitate this we only add additional players to individual teams on a case-by-case basis. This is to ensure that our individuals’ teams are not disrupted with new players coming in late. If you do not see a team listed for registration in the league of your choice, the league either does not offer individual registration or the team may already full. If an individual team did exist and has been filled, there may be a chance we can open a second individual team. This typically only occurs if we receive enough interest to form another team. Please contact Urban Rec ([email protected]) if you do not see the individual team you are hoping for. Even if we are unable to open a new individual team, we may be able to connect you with an existing team that may need players- however, we cannot guarantee it.

Q.What if I don’t like my teammates or the level of play?

  • We form teams based on the information provided by you, the participant. That being said, individual registrants sign up at their own risk with the knowledge that signing up as an individual means that you are joining a group of people where nobody knows each other beforehand and there may be a higher chance to have a personality conflict or skill discrepancy with another member of your team. We will make every effort to assist in solving any issues that come up; however, we would hope that our adult participants are able to resolve issues internally.