Urban Rec Playoff Roster Policy

As stated in your league rules (and in the spirit of all Urban Rec leagues), players must play at least 2 games (on 2 different nights) and be on a team’s roster in order to be eligible to participate during the playoffs. In order to help ensure that teams do not bring in ‘ringers’, only players who are on the team roster prior to the second-to-last game of the regular season will be eligible to participate in the playoffs. Reminder e-mails will be sent to team captains during this time.

Once the playoffs begin, all members of your team are to bring valid photo ID to their games:

  • During the captains’ meeting prior to the start of the game, warnings will be given to both teams that after the game starts, any player(s) who are not on the roster, or cannot produce valid photo ID will lead to an automatic forfeit loss for their team.
  • At this time, the League Coordinator may also do a roster check, and if the player they choose cannot produce valid photo ID, or their ID does not match a name on the roster they have, that player will be ineligible to play for that game. As this is PRIOR to the game beginning, then the team will NOT suffer a forfeit loss unless they are unable to field the minimum number of players needed for a starting lineup.

At Half-Time, the League Coordinator may choose to do another roster check:

  • At this time, teams may request which opposing player they would like checked.
  • If a player chosen cannot produce valid photo ID, or their ID does not match a name on the roster sheet that they have, the team in violation will automatically forfeit (lose) the game.
  • The second half may be played as a friendly exhibition at the discretion of the League Coordinator.

Please remember that all Urban Rec Leagues are meant to be fun and social events, with the expectation of fair and friendly competition between teams. We sincerely hope that no team would bring ‘ringers’ for any playoff games, however if they do, there will be No Exceptions to this policy.