Alcohol Policy

Urban Rec uses a variety of public facilities for all of its leagues, tournaments and events.  These facilities, unless otherwise stated, are unlicensed and as such the consumption of alcohol during Urban Rec leagues, tournaments or events is, unless consumed in accordance with British Columbia Liquor laws, is prohibited and any participant found consuming alcohol in violation of these laws could be subject to both legal punishment (the present fine for consumption of Alcohol in a public place is $230) and removal from the Urban Rec League, tournament or event.

When participating in Urban Rec leagues hosted in Vancouver Parks Board facilities, the Vancouver Park Board’s field use permit states that “no alcoholic beverages are to be dispensed, sold or consumed on the park at any time.” This means that you can not sell, give out, or drink any alcohol when using one of the City's fields. This is a zero-tolerance policy. If you are confirmed to have acted in violation of the policy your opportunity to participate in Urban Rec leagues will be revoked.

There are no glass bottles allowed at any facility in which Urban Rec leagues tournaments or events are run.  If a team is caught with glass bottles of any kind the 1st offense will result in an automatic 4 game probation. 2nd offense will result in a 4 game suspension and disqualification from the playoffs.

Disorderly Conduct: You may not engage in disorderly or lewd conduct including disorder associated with alcohol or controlled substances