Thank you to all of the teams that participated in our soccer tournament series this year!

We usually run 1-2 tournaments per year inside BC Place (usually in March/April, and again in September if BC Place is available), as well as one outdoors at Trillium Park in July.

The outdoor tournament follows regular Urban Rec outdoor soccer rules and format except for game times which will be shorter.

What is the general format?

- Tournament will generally run from 9am to 4pm (times are approximate and may fluctuate from tournament to tournament).

- BC Place tournament teams play with 6 players on the field (5 players and a goalie) – at least 2 members of each gender must be playing out (i.e. not playing as the goaltender) at all times.  Goaltenders may be of either gender.

- Teams will be initially seeded in to pools based on 1) their relative skill level based on past performance in Urban Rec leagues (if applicable), and 2) the skill level the team was registered at.

- Each team will play three 20-minute matches (30 mins for the outdoor tournament) within their pool during round-robin play (game times are approximate and may fluctuate from tournament to tournament).

- If warranted, Urban Rec will reseed teams between pools before playoffs.

- Each team will play at least one playoff match (semi-final).  Teams that advance can have up to 2 playoff matches.

- Standard Urban Rec outdoor soccer rules apply

-Modified BC places rules apply for that particular tournament which includes No Offsides and Kick-ins replace throw-ins.

All questions regarding any event or league can be directed to [email protected]