Please Scroll Down to See Locarno Beach Court Map & Set Up

Locarno Beach Court Layout Map


Included in each bag – Net, 2 upper poles, 2 lower poles, 2 Tensioners, 1 spool of lines.

Net Set up

  • Set up the net first by positioning the poles roughly in the middle of the log and usually around a foot inside. Some logs are closer than others and sometimes get moved around by the public.
  • Use the tensioners to raise the nets, do not tie knots in the tensioners, if you feel the need to do this ask your league attendant for help.
  • After the net is set up put down the lines. Unroll the lines from the spool fully and diagonally across the court. Pegs should line up with the corners. Pull out the opposite corners and make sure the metal center rings (rings with not pegs) are directly underneath the net. Please ask the League Attendants if you need any help.

Net Takedown

  • Make sure you spool up the lines in the same way they were unraveled. See set-up if you have any questions on how to do this. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN TANGLED LINES WHEN SETTING UP BEACH VOLLEYBALL.
  • Ensure you have all equipment in the bag before you bring it back to the League Attendant.

Questions/ Comments/ Concerns

If you have any questions regarding game play, scheduling, team divisions etc, anything at all. Please ask your friendly league attendants. They are there for you.

Q: Where are the washrooms?

A: Located across from check in South of the beach in the grey building. They are the Jericho West park facilities.

Q: How many games do we play and to what score?

A: You will play 3 games (21/21/15). If time expires while teams are playing the 3rd game (the tiebreaker), at least one of the teams must have reached 5 points for the 3rd game to count. Otherwise, the match will be reported as a 1-game-apiece draw.

Q: How many of each gender has to be on the court at one time to be eligible.

A: You must always have a maximum of 2 of each gender, or minimum of one of each gender, on the court at all times. If a team plays as an incomplete team with 2 or 3 players, it will be penalized 4 points in each of the first two games of the match and 3 points in the third game of the match.