Goalie Sliding Rules

As per Rule #3 in General Game Play Rules, the goalie may dive head/hands first to make a save on a shot, and the goaltender can ONLY leave their feet to move parallel with the goal line. A goalie may leave their feet head/hands first to collect a ball as long as they are doing so parallel with the goal line, and not moving towards an oncoming player. A goalie MAY NOT leave their feet at any time when challenging or attempting to tackle and oncoming player.

Below are some examples of what is allowed, and what is not allowed by goal keepers:

Example 1)

The keeper would NOT BE ALLOWED to leave their feet in this situation, as they are attempting to tackle an opposing player with posession of the ball. If the opposing player had kicked the ball to be shot on goal, then the keeper would be allowed to leave their feet in an attempt to make the save

Example 2)

The keeper IS ALLOWED to leave their feet (leading with their hands) to try and collect this ball. As this is occuring inside the box, the opposing player must make every effor to NOT CONTACT the keeper, or a foul will be called, and the player will be removed for a minimum of 5 minutes. The keeper would NOT be allowed to leave their feet in a foot first motion in an attempt to play this ball.